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Jacobs Legal’s commercial contract solicitors specialise in the drafting, negotiation, and review of commercial contracts. These contracts may include agreements related to the sale of goods, provision of services, employment, and intellectual property.

Corporate And Commercial Solicitors

Jacobs Legal has a team of commercial and corporate lawyers in Manchester who are well experienced and available to help clients with commercial law cases and situations. Our strength is in communicating practical guidance to our clients and supporting them to obtain the most favourable result.

Numerous legal matters arise in the daily operation of a business. Establishing the appropriate contracts and agreements is crucial for your company’s enduring prosperity. Our commercial contract solicitors offer solutions via a straightforward and direct business-to-business method.

We collaborate with businesses of all scales to assist them in navigating various legal agreements. We work with many different clients. Some are start-ups creating contracts for the first time. Established businesses need ongoing legal advice to improve their opportunities.

Commercial Law Service

How our contract law lawyers can assist

We comprehend that effective commercial legal counsel extends beyond mere paperwork. We help you grow your business and improve your commercial relationships while minimising risks.

Our team of corporate and commercial solicitors are extremely skilled and experienced. They can provide clear guidance on various contract types, such as long-term supply, outsourcing, and distribution agreements. They can also review current agreements to find any potential issues.

We view our role as assisting you in accomplishing your business goals, whatever they may be.

Our target audience and our approach

Our contract law group has specific expertise in technology contracts and can offer specialised IT and IP consultation. Our commercial and corporate solicitors at Jacobs Legal have a strong network of professional connections. The firm has built this network over many years and other specialist areas support it. We can give advice on all legal issues that businesses may face, such as labor, property, tax, finance, and banking.

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Our team of commercial and contract law lawyers can be found in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Salford, Bolton, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, London.” They are ready to assist your business. We offer advice to businesses based in the UK.
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Shareholders Agreement Lawyers

When a company has multiple shareholders with no one holding a controlling stake, a shareholders’ agreement may be appropriate. If one shareholder owns most of the company’s shares, the other shareholders may want to protect their interests. They can do this by creating a shareholders’ agreement.

This agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of each shareholder. It can help prevent disputes and ensure fair treatment for all shareholders. Having a shareholders’ agreement in place can provide clarity and security for everyone involved in the company.

A shareholders’ agreement is a document that outlines the rules and agreements between shareholders. It details how they will work together and manage the company.

Our experienced Corporate and commercial shareholders agreement solicitors can assist with shareholder agreements. They can draft the agreement and provide advice on conflicts.

Partnership Agreement Solicitors

Our Proficiency in Shareholder Agreements
Shareholders partnership agreements are highly customised documents that can vary from being extremely straightforward to incredibly intricate. Our Corporate law team helps draft partnership agreements and works with you to understand your needs.

We will review each shareholder’s responsibilities in every agreement. We will provide guidance on any concerns or potential risks. We are here to support and advise you every step of the way. Rest assured, we are here to support and advise you every step of the way.

Legal Services for Shareholder Agreements

Regardless of whether you have 2 or 20 shareholders, a shareholder agreement is a crucial document. It establishes a fair relationship among shareholders and outlines rules, limitations, and future strategies. This provides transparency and safeguards for shareholders, while also considering potential changes in the company and necessary strategic decisions.

Our legal solicitors team helps create, review, and assess shareholder agreements for partnerships, giving guidance based on your ownership percentage. The agreement must include important topics, such as how to value shares when someone leaves. It should also outline the rules for paying out dividends. Additionally, it should outline how shareholders will resolve any disagreements.

Why a Shareholder Agreement
is Essential

Most small and medium-sized business owners don’t know that companies mostly regulate themselves.” English company law does not currently focus on rights and regulations. Many standard articles of association of companies do not cover important areas.

A minority shareholder may have limited control or influence over the company’s operations without a shareholders’ agreement. Important decisions, like dilution or changing company rules to benefit the majority shareholder, can override them. The Companies Acts offer minimal legal protection for minority shareholders.

A well-structured shareholder agreement should encompass:

  • Essential veto powers for minority stakeholders.
  • Oversight of finances, borrowing capabilities, and assurance of transparent, current financial data for all stakeholders.
  • Regulations on the issuance of new shares, encompassing pre-emption rights or preference shares.
  • Authority of directors and limitations on their powers.
  • Departure of shareholders with varying rules and valuation based on whether the departing shareholder is a “good leaver” or “bad leaver”.
  • The business may include drag along and/or tag along rights if it is sold.
  • Share fate in the event of death, severe illness, bankruptcy, or shareholder conviction of a criminal act.
  • Dispute resolution methods which may encompass a buyout mechanism, particularly when a company has equal shareholders.
  • Policy on dividends.
  • Restrictive agreements to prevent departing shareholders who have significantly contributed to the business from establishing or aiding a competitor.

Furthermore, measures can be incorporated to guarantee that minority shareholders obtain an equivalent return on their investment as majority shareholders in case of a transaction with a third party.

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