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We have specialist employment lawyers at Jacobs Legal who are well experienced in all aspects of employment law. Jacobs Legal will guide you on any claims that your staff might have and whether those may lead to an Employment Tribunal hearing or advise you as to whether you should sign a Settlement Agreement. Such claims include,

Employment Law Solicitor For Employer

Are you an employer facing problems in your workplace? Our proficient team of employment law attorneys is ready to assist. Reach out to us for legal counsel and representation. Our team of employment law solicitors experts comes from different communities, giving us the ability to provide personalised support. For those in need of advice on discrimination claims, we cultivate an atmosphere of comprehension and compassion. With a history that stretches over 20 years, we have consistently backed GMDA and their members.

  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Discrimination (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation)
  • Redundancy Rights
  • Minimum wage
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Stress at work

Both employers and employees are guided and represented by us in a range of cases, including tribunals, workplace grievances and settlement agreements. What’s more, our advocates are able to provide a helping hand when you need it, even if that involves representation in court of law. No matter what the position is, we will listen to you and work with you to obtain the best result.

Employment Law Solicitors Near Me

Are you looking for employment law solicitors near you? The Jacobs Legal expert lawyers represent Employment attorneys and offer various services to assist employees and employers with legal matters and ensure they follow laws. Solicitors for employment law help resolve disputes and provide guidance on legal compliance.

Their services cover a wide range of issues related to employment law. They work with both employees and employers to find solutions and prevent legal problems. This field covers a wide range of cases and offers a variety of services to meet your legal needs.

Sometimes you may need help with work issues. Our expert employment law solicitor for employers can quickly evaluate different disputes. You can conveniently schedule a consultation for free for 30 min to gain clarity on your circumstances.

Experienced in representing employees and business in employment matters

We understand the implications that a problem in professional life can have for your personal life, because of this we strive to make the procedure as clear and attainable as possible that will help you to achieve the best result.

We will guide you in the best way to approach problems such as workplace disciplinary, harassment and discrimination. Our settlement agreement solicitors Manchester are familiar with the hardships that workers face at the time when they have to raise a formal grievance or defend disciplinary action.

We are ready to provide services to those employees who have been offered a settlement agreement, or who want to take their case to an Employment Tribunal. We will assist in the proceedings and will provide legal representation where it required, in these cases.

How we can help.

Often we see clients who are currently off work with work-related stress due to these circumstances. They can be due to a new manager or being put under a performance review/capability procedure, or they can be as a result of disciplinary.

Jacobs Legal will then advise you what those potential claims might be worth in an Employment Tribunal and then together we can decide whether you should sign the Settlement Agreement or not. We are often instructed to negotiate the Settlement Agreement by seeking additional compensation or making changes to the wording of the agreement.

The benefits of signing
an agreement

  • Settlement Agreements offer a clean break
  • They are a quick and relatively simple way to get a pay off when leaving a business
  • They can avoid the need for disciplinary / capability / performance review procedures which can be stressful and worrying.
  • They give certainty when an Employment Tribunal gives you none
  • A tribunal only awards you compensation, it cannot reverse the decision; a settlement agreement is a clean slate.
  • You can often get a reference from your employer
Cost implications?

Nothing, because your employer usually contributes to legal costs and your costs with us are usually no more than that figure. It’s usual for the contribution to be at least £350.00 plus VAT but don’t worry if it’s not, we can still assist.

For more complex matters or higher value settlements, the fee can be £450.00 – £600.00 plus VAT.

We only work on the basis of fixed fees – so the fee will be agreed with you before you ask us to work on your behalf.

Settlement Agreement Solicitors

We are the only law firm in the UK that exclusively specialises in assisting employees with settlement agreements. Independent verification of our client reviews positions us as the top-rated employment solicitors in the UK. A Settlement Agreement is a legal document which Employers give to Employees, documenting the termination of employment. Usually, your employment will terminate on a specific date (called the Termination Date) and you’ll be paid your salary up until that date. You’ll also usually receive a Compensation Payment (sometimes called a Termination Payment, or an Ex-Gratia sum).

Assisting You with Your Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement Solicitors is a law firm focusing solely on aiding employees with settlement agreements. We are here to help you settle, no matter the reason. It could be because of redundancy, stress, health issues, poor performance, or a company restructure. Our team of expert settlement agreement solicitors provide a Nationwide service via telephone and online. We can offer professional legal advice on your settlement agreement, no matter where you are. We can also explain the legal consequences of signing the agreement. If the proposed payout is not fair, we can negotiate with your employer to secure the best possible deal for you.

Our employment lawyers in the UK have received top ratings on Google, with many positive reviews from happy clients.” Contact our Jacobs Solicitors today and experience our 5-star service firsthand. The Solicitors Regulation Authority fully regulates Settlement Agreement Solicitors, and they are proud members of the Employment Lawyers Association.

Guidance and Approval Service for Settlement Agreements

If you are happy with your settlement agreement, you can ask one of our employment lawyers to review and approve it. We provide a same-day phone consultation and online approval service. We have optimised our procedure to complete from beginning to end in as little as one day.

First Step – Submit your settlement agreement to us

Please send us a copy of your settlement agreement, employment contract, and any other relevant documents.

Second Step – Consultation and Approval of Settlement Agreement

We will schedule a consultation for you with one of our expert solicitors for a settlement agreement to discuss your settlement agreement. This conversation typically lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how complex your settlement agreement is.

Your lawyer will talk to you about the terms of your settlement agreement. They will also give you expert legal advice on what the conditions and implications are. If your lawyer identifies any terms that are unjust or unreasonable, we will request your employer to modify them.

Step three – endorsement and invoicing

After receiving the final draft of your settlement agreement, we will move forward to the signing process. We will send the approved agreement to your employer for their signature, along with a bill for your legal fees.

Once your employer has also signed, your settlement agreement will be fully operational and legally enforceable. Although our participation typically ends here, should you encounter any problems with the payments owed to you under the settlement agreement, you can reach out to us for additional help at no extra charge. Although rare, we will support you until the funds are in your bank account.

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